Baptism in our denomination, the United Church of Christ, can be done at any age. It is most often done by the pastor sprinkling holy water on the person’s head, but can also be done by emersion in a body of water. The pastor baptizes the person in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. It is a very joyous occasion, the start of the baptized person’s journey in the Christian faith.

In the case of a child, the parents promise to raise him/her in the Christian faith by teaching and by example, with the help of God. Likewise, if there are godparents, they promise the same support. The congregation promises their love, support and care to the one baptized. Typically, on these occasions, a sacred hush falls over the entire congregation, children included, when the sprinkling of the water is done, and the words of baptism are pronounced by the pastor. After the pastor’s blessing of the one baptized, the congregation erupts in smiles as they meet the newest member of the Christian faith.  Thanks be to God for all his blessings!

If you wish to contact the pastor to arrange a baptism, call the church office at 860.464.9926 (Mon-Thurs 8-12), or email the pastor directly.