Our church organization is trying a different governing structure, with the goal of minimizing governance to maximize enthusiastic participation in efforts based on individual calling.  By eliminating the vast majority of routine meetings, congregation members will have more time to prayerfully consider what God is inspiring them to do.  And they will have the time to do it!  This type of governance is not without precedent by any means:  congregations all over the state and country are operating this way.

In mid-2017, our congregation voted overwhelmingly to try this bold experiment, suspending the by-laws for a year, during which time the Council tried different organizational structures.  Over the years, our congregation had developed a set of by-laws, by which the committees and boards abide.  The by-laws specified how many people should be on the boards and committees, for example.  The latest version of the by-laws can be found in this PDF, last amended on June 14, 2009.