Exciting ideas have been on the rise regarding improvements to the church facilities to support outreach to our community.  The process started last summer when small groups gathered in patio discussions.  Many suggestions poured forth on how we might use our buildings to take better advantage of the rising spirit within our congregation.

The enthusiasm increased as our membership voted to “Feed the Hungry” by offering free pancake breakfasts and by refitting our Rainbow House as the Ledyard food pantry!  The free breakfasts are happening now, and the town food pantry (currently located at the Town Hall) will be here as soon as the Rainbow House can be properly fitted to accommodate shelving, regrigerators and freezers.  That work is in progress now.

We have formed Task Forces to investigate ways to refurbish the LCC buildings to achieve the outreach ideas brought forth at the Patio Discussions. The premise of the discussion was that we wanted to do whatever we could to improve our missions and programs, while embracing our core Christian values.

  • The Fellowship Hall kitchen and bathrooms may be reconfigured and modernized to comfortably support large gatherings for dinners and other events.
  • The Cy Anderson Hall could get a makeover to enable more community uses such as wedding receptions, lectures, seminars and large group meetings.
  • Energy use throughout our facilities could be made much more efficient, protecting the environment and saving money spent on heat and electricity.
  • The Lester Room could be spiffed up for our youth and community small-group programs in health, counseling or support.
  • Improvements to our parking lot, lighting, signs and sanctuary could make us more visible, welcoming and accessible to attract guests to our worship services.

Work is expected to begin soon with the installation of a new energy-efficient furnace.  Fundraising (pledging) is off to a good start, too: watch the Chatters for details on this.

The Spirit is indeed moving among us!  Thanks be to God!

(slightly modified from the April 2015 Chatter article by Ken Burger, Moderator)