children's sermon-using a blanket for shelter
full congregation standing

Baptism is for Any Age

Arlene Orilla Gray was baptized during the service on Sunday, February 25, 2018.  She was surrounded by her children and grandchildren.

Children in Worship

We love having your children in church! Children's worship bulletins and crayons are available from the greeters.  There is a children's play area in a place of honor at the front of the church, with [...]

Youth Music

Youth participation in worship music at LCC is encouraged.  Our music director, Marty Wirt, brings together people of all ages to offer special music of a variety of styles.  At various times, we have had [...]

Summer Sunday School

Sunday School doesn't disappear in the summer at LCC.  As during the winter, our custom is that the children spend the first 15 or 20 minutes in the church service with their families.  Our pastor [...]

The Easter Practical Joke

The first Sunday after Easter has traditionally been Bright Sunday or Holy Humor Sunday.  Early church theologians (Augustine, Gregory of Nyssa and John Chrysotom) believed that God played a huge cosmic practical joke on the [...]

Pentecost Spirit

The celebration of Pentecost is a remembrance of the mysterious Holy Spirit that was sent to us all on that first Pentecost, and a recognition of her presence among us today. Acts 2 describes the [...]

Who Built the Outdoor Chapel?

The Outdoor Chapel was built by a large group of LCC members, Ledyard community folks, and members of our sister church in Mexico.  The project was led by Alicia Ganz, a senior Girl Scout and [...]

Toothpaste, a Children’s Sermon

Have you ever squeezed toothpaste out of a tube?  In church??  This children's sermon, given by a visiting pastor, began with the children taking turns squeezing toothpaste out of a tube, until it was nearly [...]

Emmaus Youth Inspire us

Six of our youth participated in the Emmaus Program on a weekend in November for which I was the Rector. The Emmaus Program is a Sr. High Youth Peer Ministry Program. We have held 16 weekends [...]

Left in Charge of the Store

A former pastor told us about his first job, as a youth.  He worked as a shoe salesman.  The shoe store owner, Mr. Z, coached the novice on everything from head to toe, literally: from [...]

Face your Demons

We recently had the Columbus Day holiday. Most of us got a day off from work – and who doesn’t like that? But in recent decades there have been some complaints about this holiday: that [...]

The Oxalis: a Children’s Sermon

The oxalis plant has different parts:  leaves, little flowers, very delicate.  Stems and roots.  When you learn the stories of Jesus and his followers, you are growing roots like this plant.  The roots let you [...]

Sermon Examples

Here for your enjoyment, enlightenment, and inspiration are sermons or excerpts of sermons. The Oxalis ..... Rev. Shirley Anderson Face your Demons ..... Rob Ayer, seminary student Left in Charge of the Store ..... Rev. [...]

Worship as Celebration

Often worship is a celebration: of God's love, of Jesus coming into the world or rising from the dead, of the Holy Spirit's presence among us, making of us a community of faith.  Here are [...]

Visual Worship

As we know, people learn in different ways:  through words, through photos and diagrams, through watching a presentation.  People also worship and draw close to God in different ways. Rev. Grant, Deacons and others sometimes arrange objects [...]

Communion Beliefs

On the first Sunday of every month, we celebrate the ceremony of communion, which is based on Jesus' comments during the last supper he had with his disciples before his crucifixion: from Matthew: Now as [...]

Christmas Pagent

One of the worship services written and led by the children and youth of our church is the Christmas Pageant.  More than just a parade of the familiar characters, this service is written anew every [...]

Holy Week to Easter

Alleluia! Lent and Easter, the most important season of the Christian calendar is celebrated with the following special events.  The dates vary year-to-year. Lenten Soup Suppers, a series of light suppers followed by videos or reading, then [...]

Alelluia! Easter Season of Joy

We are an Easter people, full of joy because death is not the final word! God had the last laugh, when Jesus Christ was raised from the tomb to walk among us again!

Baptism Beliefs and Customs

Baptism in our denomination, the United Church of Christ, can be done at any age. It is most often done by the pastor sprinkling holy water on the person's head, but can also be done [...]

Worship in the Woods

In addition to our traditional 9:30 am worship service in the church building, we offer worship in the outdoor chapel on summer Sundays and on Easter at sunrise.  If you have prayed in the woods, with [...]