The LCC Basement Band


On Wednesday evenings in the Social Hall (below the sanctuary:  “basement”), a motley crew of come-as-you-are musicians get together and […]

The LCC Basement Band2019-09-06T14:06:01-05:00

Local Harmony Benefit Concerts


Local Harmony was founded in 2014 by Bonnie and Rich Denton, members of our church and also members of the […]

Local Harmony Benefit Concerts2017-01-06T19:09:59-05:00

The Heavenly Sound of Bells


The LCC bell choir has been in existence for about 20 years, starting with a set of borrowed antique bells. […]

The Heavenly Sound of Bells2016-03-29T13:29:41-05:00

Who’s in the Choir & When do they Meet?


“Senior Choir” welcomes everyone from high school age, on.  The senior choir is a friendly group of men and women […]

Who’s in the Choir & When do they Meet?2018-01-04T16:16:39-05:00

Youth Music


Youth participation in worship music at LCC is encouraged.  Our music director, Marty Wirt, brings together people of all […]

Youth Music2018-01-02T10:32:16-05:00