sermon given by a young person

Emmaus Youth Inspire us

Six of our youth participated in the Emmaus Program on a weekend in November for which I was the Rector. The Emmaus Program is a Sr. High Youth Peer Ministry Program. We have held 16 weekends [...]

Left in Charge of the Store

A former pastor told us about his first job, as a youth.  He worked as a shoe salesman.  The shoe store owner, Mr. Z, coached the novice on everything from head to toe, literally: from [...]

Face your Demons

We recently had the Columbus Day holiday. Most of us got a day off from work – and who doesn’t like that? But in recent decades there have been some complaints about this holiday: that [...]

Sermon Examples

Here for your enjoyment, enlightenment, and inspiration are sermons or excerpts of sermons. The Oxalis ..... Rev. Shirley Anderson Face your Demons ..... Rob Ayer, seminary student Left in Charge of the Store ..... Rev. [...]