Here I can spread my wings–the church doesn’t clip them.
The grump in me turns heavenly when I open the church door.
I like learning in Sunday School.
a strong and loving congregation
a sense of open welcoming
the joy of singing and making craft in Sunday School.
I’m grateful to the congregation for reminding me of love. Love heals me.
I’m thankful for the youth and the spirit they bring to this church.
When I drive by your church I get energy.
I love what your church does: the Food Pantry, refugee family, those rainbow colored doors [LGBT open and affirming]!
We come to LCC because we like to be around good people who do good things.
[Re. refugee assistance] Only by giving ourselves to something from which we stand to gain nothing, can we get this kind of energy.

I went with my younger brother.  He spoke of the history, the depth of generations who attend, and just the overall uplifting atmosphere.  As always, the little brother was right.  The sermon was not a “doom and gloom” as some churches have become famous for these days.  It was more of a teaching–this is what the Bible says, this is what it means, so now let’s look at applications of it in our own lives.  All good stuff.  The church sponsors a Boy Scout troop, classes throughout the month, and a Reverend and support staff who are nothing less than stellar.  Although I have moved out of state, this church is one of the reasons I still call Ledyard home.