Church Members Beyond the Sanctuary


Members of our congregation are engaged in community activities that help those in need. Whether it is through the Ledyard […]

Church Members Beyond the Sanctuary2019-09-14T14:56:55-05:00

Rise and Shine Campaign


In 2015 we began brainstorming new ways in which our church could reach out to our community.  The premise of the […]

Rise and Shine Campaign2018-01-06T15:45:59-05:00

Hosting the Ledyard Food Pantry


The Ledyard Food Pantry recently celebrated its first anniversary!  There is much to celebrate on this first anniversary.  We now […]

Hosting the Ledyard Food Pantry2017-08-07T10:39:05-05:00

Salvaging Precious Lives


The Gospel of Matthew quotes Jesus as saying, “And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me. ” […]

Salvaging Precious Lives2016-04-20T16:02:09-05:00

Anti-Bullying Workshops


The workshops to teach anti-bullying skills were a big success.  Held in February 2012, they were attended by about 45 […]

Anti-Bullying Workshops2018-01-06T15:40:44-05:00