Children in Worship

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children's sermon-using a blanket for shelter
sermon given by a young person

Children in Worship

We love having your children in church, they are part of God's family too! Children's worship bulletins and crayons are available from the greeters.  Because children don't necessarily understand all that occurs during a worship [...]

Youth Music

Youth participation in worship music at LCC is encouraged.  Our music director, Marty Wirt, brings together people of all ages to offer special music of a variety of styles.  At various times, we have had [...]

Summer Sunday School

Sunday School doesn't disappear in the summer at LCC.  As during the winter, our custom is that the children spend the first 15 or 20 minutes in the church service with their families.  Our pastor [...]

Toothpaste, a Children’s Sermon

Have you ever squeezed toothpaste out of a tube?  In church??  This children's sermon, given by a visiting pastor, began with the children taking turns squeezing toothpaste out of a tube, until it was nearly [...]

The Oxalis: a Children’s Sermon

The oxalis plant has different parts:  leaves, little flowers, very delicate.  Stems and roots.  When you learn the stories of Jesus and his followers, you are growing roots like this plant.  The roots let you [...]

Christmas Pagent

One of the worship services written and led by the children and youth of our church is the Christmas Pageant.  More than just a parade of the familiar characters, this service is written anew every [...]

Baptism Beliefs and Customs

Baptism in our denomination, the United Church of Christ, can be done at any age. It is most often done by the pastor sprinkling holy water on the person's head, but can also be done [...]