Each month the donations from our free monthly Pancake Breakfasts are used to support a cause, ranging from support of LCC, to local causes, to national and international aid.

One was held to honor first responders on an anniversary of 9/11.  More than 150 people were served, and the free-will donations totaled about $500, all of which was donated to the police and firefighters in our area.  The Ledyard Patch online newspaper posted a video of that event.

One breakfast was held to support our denomination’s* global Typhoon Haiyan response for Haiti.  In addition to the financial contribution, volunteers created 204 holiday cards that were distributed to the typhoon survivors via Project Pearls, Inc.  Another breakfast supported the Malaya Kids relief effort in the Philippines.  Another raised money for the Trash Mountain Project**, which is a Christian group dedicated to improving the lives of families living by trash dumps.  With 9 projects in four countries, they are succeeding in improving conditions for people.

Wishing we could do more, but knowing that our part combines with others like it, our volunteers diligently work the tables and stove.  Pancake Breakfast is held on the first Saturday of every month.

*United Church of Christ

** Trash Mountain Project Vision Statement:  Trash Mountain Project brings children and families living in trash dump communities into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by addressing their spiritual, physical, emotional, and educational needs. We also create strategic partnerships with indigenous leaders and organizations to assess available resources and determine immediate and long-term operational needs.