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Chair Yoga Returns to LCC


Beginning October 11 Chair Yoga will return to Ledyard Congregational Church!  This is a fun, low impact form of yoga that is practiced while sitting on a chair, or standing and using a chair for support.  Great for all ages!  […]

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Church Members Beyond the Sanctuary


Members of our congregation are engaged in community activities that help those in need. Whether it is through the Ledyard Food Pantry, having a “Baby Shower” to assist the Child and Family Agency of Southeastern Connecticut, CROP Walk, or giving […]

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Women’s Fellowship



Women’s Fellowship is responsible for the church’s kitchen, for receptions, for special events like Strawberry Supper, Red Sleigh Bazaar and Grandma’s Attic.  They raise money for charitable causes, […]

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Children in Worship


We love having your children in church, they are part of God’s family too!

Children’s worship bulletins and crayons are available from the greeters.  Because children don’t necessarily understand all that occurs during a worship service, we have a subscription to […]

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Rise and Shine Campaign


In 2015 we began brainstorming new ways in which our church could reach out to our community.  The premise of the discussion was that we wanted to do whatever we could to improve our missions and programs, while embracing our core […]

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Church Council


The Church Council works to visualize the entire task of the church. It does this by soliciting and monitoring the goals and objectives.  The Council coordinates the work of the various Boards and Committees and is responsible for maintaining good […]

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Open and Affirming Statement


In 2011, our church adopted a resolution to be an “Open and Affirming” congregation.  Here is the statement agreed upon:

“There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; […]

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LCC has sponsored the Boy and Girl Scout organizations for many years.  Although we don’t currently have a Girl Scout Troop at LCC, it has been very active in the past.  In fact, the highest award in […]


Silver Lake Conference Center


Silver Lake is a beautiful United Church of Christ camp that is used year-round for special programs for youth and adults.  The summer youth sessions are wonderful opportunities for children and young adults to learn about a Christian life and […]

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