History Day

     On October 20th, dozens of LCC members and friends brought to life the history of  Ledyard Congregational Church and its deep roots within the community.  Visitors were able to see 10 historic sites.  Docents told [...]

Cy Anderson Fellowship Hall and Crawford Wing

For more than a century the current meetinghouse stood on its own, with only some outbuildings nearby.  Occasionally a tent was erected to accommodate a large gathering for chowder served from the small kitchen in [...]

Origins of the United Church of Christ

Our denomination, the United Church of Christ (UCC), was formed in 1957 by the merger of the Congregational Christian Churches and the Evangelical and Reformed Church.  Each of those two demonimations had merged earlier, being [...]

Origins of Ledyard & Our Church

The town of Ledyard was named and incorporated in 1836, but as an identified community its history goes back to a 1725 act of the legislature and the origins of our very own Ledyard Congregational [...]

What is an Ecclesiastical Society?

In 1725 the official church denomination of the Connecticut colony (the “established” church, i.e, the only allowable denomination) was an organization later known Congregational.  It was not until the new state constitution of 1818 that Connecticut finally eliminated [...]

The First Meeting House

First Meeting House (artist's conception) 1727-1842 The first mention of a meeting house in the Ecclesiastical Society is in the record of a meeting held December 21, 1727:  "It is further voted that [...]

Second (Current) Meeting House

During a period of general religious revival, in the first half of the 19th century, a new meeting house was built.  It's an interesting story!  In a formal vote on April 15, 1843, members determined [...]

The Church Bell

Would you like to hear a little story?  One hot August day I met Neal Ganz to ring the church bell as part of a nationwide commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King’s renowned “I have [...]

Past Pastors

Ledyard Congregational Church is blessed to have such a long congregational history.  The table below lists our pastors and the years they have served us.  The rows in boldface indicate "settled", aka., long-term, pastors.  The [...]

The Bill Parsonage

The Ledyard Congregational Church parsonage is a pre-1750 house on several acres of former farmland.  In 1875, the local farmer Henry Bill deeded his home and farm to the Ecclesiastical Society for the use of [...]

Who Built the Outdoor Chapel?

The Outdoor Chapel was built by a large group of LCC members, Ledyard community folks, and members of our sister church in Mexico.  The project was led by Alicia Ganz, a senior Girl Scout and [...]